PIPs Professional Chatroom & 1v1 Training

PIPs Professional Chatroom & 1v1 Training


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     Learn professional trading techniques that will allow you to master the art of Forex trading. You will have access to our exclusive professional chatroom and receive trade alerts for the Forex market. 

     This will allow you to trade alongside our very own mentors. We allow our members to have the opportunity to learn and trade using different trading strategies. With a chatroom of like minded investors you will always stay ahead in the largest financial market in the world.


Professional Chatroom 

  • Weekly Forex Market Breakdown
  • Weekly Trade Alerts sent via Telegram*
  • Access to our ProfitInPips Professional Chatroom
  • Access to a community of like-minded investors
  • Ability to schedule 1v1 educational sessions  

Lessons on Key Trading Elements

  • Intro to Market Analysis 
  • Intro to Candlesticks 
  • Intro to Psychological Mindset
  • Intro to Risk management 
  • Multiple Trading techniques 

Signals sent via an app; Telegram*

  • Entry Zone
  • Target Price
  • Stop Loss
  • Proper risk management techniques 
  • Complete technical + fundamental analysis 



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If you have any questions regarding this package, please email profitinpips@gmail.com! 

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